02nd Nov2010

Motor Skill Development

by Joe and Christi

How to Help Toddlers with Motor Skills

Author: M. Ortiz

As your toddler grows they begin to learn more and more. It can be frustrating to them when learning to do certain things that require good motor skills, but  Below are some tips on how to help your child develop good motor skills.

Those famous words “Me Do!” are heard in every home with a toddler, they love to learn new things and with a little encouragement your child learn quicker and become less frustrated when trying to perfect those fine motor skills needed to perform normal tasks.


Loading and Unloading
Kids learn quickly how to dump containers and soon after they learn how to fill the containers. Toys that offer shapes and other objects that only fit into one opening help children to develop motor skills as well as problem solving skills. As your child learns that one object will fit into another, you might find that their toast is in the DVD player and their stacking blocks in the toilet. This is all a part of learning, just keep the right toys around to help keep them busy and your DVD player will thank you.

Dressing and Undressing
Kids love to help get dressed, but they love even more to undress. You might find that once you have dressed your toddler and turned your back for only a few seconds that they are stark naked. The skill of taking off clothes is much easier than to put them on, so help your child to dress themselves in the morning to encourage their development.

Allowing your kids to creat e unique artwork with crayons, colored pencils, chalk or water paints is a great way to develop their motor skills. It takes precision to stay in the lines when coloring and a steady hand to paint a straight line, practice makes perfect and the practice is always fun.

Stacking and Sorting
Toys that offer stacking and sorting are a great asset to your toddler's play time. Poles that taper and have rings of various sizes is a great way for toddlers to learn how to sort by size or shape. Stacking blocks are another great tool for helping little hands to develop the steadiness needed to place the blocks on top of one another.

Touch, Smell and Taste
Toddlers love to smell, taste and touch; keep plenty of different fabrics with new textures around for them to explore the feel. Modeling clay is a great way to let them experience new motor skills as they roll, poke and squish the clay in their little hands.

Let your child help in the kitchen with making cookies or stirring sauces for dinner. They can taste and smell the items they are working with and in a toddler's world that is top notch fun.

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