17th Oct2011

21 Things To Do While Breastfeeding

by Joe and Christi

21 Things to do while breastfeeding.. and some not so great ideas.

By: Christi Bednarek

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest starts you can give your baby at life. It has all the nutrients your baby needs; provides comfort and soothing; strengthens babies immune system and promotes bonding between mother and child.. I would like to continue to talk about all the amazing benefits of breastfeeding, but we will save that for another post. 

In the fast paced culture we live in breastfeeding can for some seem like an inconvenience. When my children were in the newborn stage they would eat every half hour for 20 minutes and I would get about a 10 minute break in between…. literally don't be fooled by the newborns should eat every 3 hours.(YEAH RIGHT!), newborns eat constantly… and that is okay! It seems fair to say a new mom could spend at least 90% of her day (and night) lactating. Once I was nursing my newborn daughter at a get- together. She was just going to town on the boob for an hour at least and my formula-feeding friend said "Oh I could never do that, how can you just sit there? Uh uh that takes way too long."  Really? Life is so fast paced that we can't just nurture our babies?  Maybe breastfeeding forces new mothers to relax and take a much needed break.

To offer some hope to moms caught in the newborn stage; It does get easier! As baby grows they start to go longer in between feeds, they also become more efficient at draining milk from the breast; for example my 4Ł/2 month old eats every 4 hours for about 10 minutes. She sometimes has longer feeds when she is sleepy, those can last about an hour, but then she sleeps all night (BONUS!)


So with all this time being devoted to breastfeeding one might wonder what else they can do….  or maybe I am just a multitasker at heart.

Either way I have put together a little list of things to do while breastfeeding…

1) NOTHING!!! We moms do so much already, why not just relax, put your feet up and zone out.

2) Sleep. I did not figure this one out until my third child came around. She co-slept a lot as a newborn. Why not just pop a boob in her mouth and go back to sleep. Shes happy, I'm happy. It was wonderful. Her favorite position to nurse in is lying down with mommy to this day.  She was also my first child to start sleeping through the night at 1 month old.

3) Read a book. 

4) Surf the web. Naturalbabyideas.com is a good place to start 🙂

5) Write a blog about things to do while breastfeeding. (I got this one covered.)

6) Spend time with your older kids, read a story; play a board game; play make believe ect.

7) Shop online. Esty here I come!

8) Go grocery shopping. Who said you had to sit still while nursing. I have nursed plenty of times while walking around the grocery store. Slings are great for this.

9) Watch TV. Now is a great time to catch up on all those Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewife episodes. Netflix is a god-send.

10) Meditate. http://andreadougherty.hubpages.com/hub/Breast-Feeding-Meditation-for-new-Moms

11) Attend a Le Leche League meeting. When I went to my first meeting is was such a relief to hear other mothers with the same concerns and questions I had. It was also neat to nurse in a setting where everyone was doing it so openly. To find an LLL meeting near you go to http://www.llli.org/resources.html

12) Drink. Breastfeeding requires that you drink plenty of fluids.

13) Do your kegels. http://www.justthefactsbaby.com/pregnancy/article/kegel-exercises/118

14) Take a picture. You will miss these moments when baby is grown. 

15) Clean! As long as you are not using harmful chemicals. I have nursed while doing the dishes, folding clothing, and putting away laundry. Slings are great… REALLY! 

16) Call a friend, just to say hi!

17) Take a shower or bath. Multitasking at its best, you both come out clean!

18) Go for a walk. Just because you are nursing doesn't mean you have to sit still. 

19) Travel the world, go sight seeing. This one is a little far fetched, but hey I went from Wisconsin to Montana while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding while on an airplane may not be the funnest thing to do, but it does protect baby's ears from pressure changes. I have also took a shuttle bus up the side of a mountain with baby attached. The best breastfeeding session I have ever had was under a remote waterfall with no one else around but my husband and sweet child.

20) Pump. I collect a lot more milk if I breastfeed while pumping. 

21) Enjoy your baby! This one might seem like a duh! But they are only little for a little while. Treasure this time. Gaze into her eyes, tell her how much you love her, tell her how proud you are to be her mom and how she is growing wonderfully, sing to her, kiss her precious little hands, adore her little chubby cheeks, cuddle her close where she is safe and warm. Nothing beats the sight of a precious little one with mothers milk dripping down her chin. This is why you are doing it. This beautiful baby. You are doing a great job. You are her world.   (or his … I have 3 daughters)



and now some things it might not be a good idea to do while breastfeeding

Drive your car. – NOT SAFE

Hang upside… NAKED – while unless of course you are this lady: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkx5l9Dqu91qexodno1_500.jpg Then again why not?

Drink alcohol. This should go unsaid.

Feed your pet howler monkey.



Have fun mommies! And remember this is only a stage, it will not last forever. Treasure in your heart every moment.

What are some things you have done while breastfeeding? 

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